Dear MPA community,

We are re-opened at both clinics but all of our safety is our top priority!  Our desire with reopening our community clinics is to improve our community’s health and not add to the pandemic crisis.  So with that in mind, we will be adjusting how we operate until it is safe to go back to how you knew it to be before the pandemic or at least closer to how it use to be!  Here are the changes we will be incorporating and read closely because they involve YOU  Being  able to keep that 6 feet of separation is at the core of most of these changes:

  1. We will be scheduling no more than 3 patients an hour.  This means that we need you to either schedule online, schedule with us by calling or schedule your next appointment when at your current appointment.  You may be turned away if you walk in for an appointment.
  2. We will be taking your temperature when you arrive for your appointment.  We are not able to see anyone currently sick with the cold or flu or if you have a temperature.   If you have been around someone who has COVID 19 within the past 14 days or you have had COVID 19 yourself and your symptoms are gone but it hasn’t been 14 days since they subsided, we cannot see you either until those 14 days are up.  We will continue to do virtual sessions either by telephone or video and arrange for a no contact pick up of herbs if needed.  You are welcome to schedule a virtual session even if you are able to come in according to our guidelines but you would prefer not to at this time.
  3. All patients must wear a mask or face covering of some kind to your appointment.  Your practitioner will be wearing one also.
  4. We will need to change the sheet on the recliner after each patient’s session.  To help reduce the chance of cross contamination and allow us more time to keep up on cleaning the clinic and not having to do loads of laundry each night, we are asking each patient to bring their own twin or larger sheet to cover their chair.  Thank you in advance for doing this!!  If you think you will need to be covered with a blanket, please bring that also.
  5. We will continue to have just one person in the reception area at a time.  We are asking all patients to wash their hands before their treatment so if you see someone in the reception area, head to the bathroom first and then come back to the reception area.  We are also looking to keep the contact to a minimum so if you have used a credit card for payment with us in the past and that is the card you’d like to use just let us know how much you would like to pay on that credit card and if you need us to schedule your next appointment for you or not.  Different card?  We will have to run that for you. Those who pay by cash or check can leave that with us at the front desk and just let us know if you are paying by punch card but we will let you mark off the visit yourself if you have an actual punch card with you.
  6. There will be hand sanitizing stations set up outside each community room that you are welcome to use going in and coming out.
  7. Please pick a chair at least one chair away from the people already in the room.  We know you may have your favorite chair but you may not be able to sit in it if there is someone in the one right next to it…..Sorry!
  8. We will not be doing any tongue or pulse diagnosis to help us minimize our physical contact.
  9. We will be doing your intake in the reception area of the clinic so that 6 feet can be maintained for most of your treatment.  Of course, we need to be closer to put needles in since none of us have perfected accurately throwing them into you from six feet yet!  In some circumstances we may do the intake in the community room so our volume may be higher due to the distance and masks so if you think this may affect your ability to relax, you are welcome as always to bring headphones and a device to listen to music, meditation, books etc.
  10. If you are a patient in the high risk category ( but would like to still come in for acupuncture, we will be making our private room available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and also Wednesday afternoon in Denver and every day we are open in Golden.  Let us know that is what you would like to do in the “Notes” section when scheduling your appointment online.
We are a high volume, low cost model clinic helping to make acupuncture affordable to all.  Due to the pandemic, we will be seeing less volume and having increased costs.  We do not want to increase the low end of our scale especially when many of you have little to no income right now.  So we are raising our high end to $50 so if you are in a position to pay a bit more right now to ensure we can keep our doors open, we mightily appreciate it!  So our Sliding Scale when we re-open will be $20-$50, pay what you can afford in that range.  The new patient paperwork fee will continue to be $15.
Thank you for reading through the details and thank you for your continued support!
Looking forward to seeing you!
The Meeting Point Gang