Your first session with Dr. Jeanette Reed will include a full history, a consultation and a spinal exam.  This will be followed by your first gentle adjustment. There are no fast, or forceful spinal manipulations given by Dr. Reed.  The technique she employs is gentle and can be used on young children as well as seniors due to its low force application.

Mental, Physical, Emotional and Chemical stress cause a decrease in your life force.  Dr. Reed’s adjustments will relieve the tension your body carries from these stresses while opening up the channels of energy which maintain your bodies health.   By gently applying force to the spinal column, the body will learn to connect and release these old patterns that are lodged in the spinal cord. This results in a more flexible spine, the bones of the spine will realign themselves.  The pressure which was on the spinal cord and nerves will decrease and the healing power of the body will have better expression, with greater health resulting in the entire system. This technique is called Network Spinal Analysis and it is truly life changing.  There is a cumulative effect of this work so the first adjustment adds onto the next creating a momentum of healing and change. Your body does not forget the strategies it learns from this technique and over time you will feel a definite change in your posture, your flexibility and your overall well being. 

Costs for Chiropractic:                                                                                                                              Please visit: for prices                              

About Dr Reed: Dr. Jeanette Reed has been blessed with over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor. She personally became a chiropractic patient when she was 15 years old as she was suffering from serious health issues and benefited greatly with this care.  “I became a believer in the art and science of chiropractic and was extremely grateful to the friend who referred me.”

Dr. Reed began her training as a massage therapist right out of high school in 1980. She received her Certified Massage Therapist diploma from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA in 1983.

She continued her own personal exploration and education in herbology, nutrition,  aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupressure over the next decades of her life. In 1987 she received her first adjustment from a chiropractor who practiced Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle and powerful revolutionary way to adjust the spine.  After just a few adjustments she knew something was very different about this technique and the effects of the gentle taps on her spine. “I felt a huge shift in myself and my body. I felt more connected to my heart, more courageous and I knew my life would never be the same.  I wanted to give more to my patients and I wanted a profession that could impact many people’s lives- children, seniors and pregnant women. I loved doing massage and enjoyed getting to know people on a deeper and more intimate level. But I just knew I needed something more. I decided to become a chiropractor.”

Dr. Reed graduated from Life West Chiropractic College, Hayward, CA, in 1996.  She became the founder and developer of Family Chiropractic Wellness Center in Stockton, CA and practiced for 19 years.  

Dr. Reed moved to Denver in 2015 and currently lives in Lakewood, CO. She is loving her Colorado life and enjoys skiing, hiking, hot springs, fishing and gardening. Dr. Reed is an artist and creates beautiful things with paint, clay and pencils.  She is involved with a large community of meditators here in Denver and worldwide. She volunteers as a DJ for the meditations and staffs the many meditation seminars offered during the year.