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Best Acupuncturists in DenverOur guess is that you found us because you are ready to feel awesome again. You want more energy, less pain, and to generally feel great within your own body and mind. Maybe you are struggling with chronic health problems and are searching for natural solutions without side effects. You’ve come to the right place!

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     We have particular success in
Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado  Dramatically reducing or eliminating most types of pain

Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado  Naturally and gently encouraging your body to heal from chronic health problems
Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado  Overcoming stress and emotional challenges, and increasing clarity of mind, quality sleep and energy

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Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado

Welcome to our Community Acupuncture Clinic

We are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare experience possible and strive to make acupuncture an affordable option for everyone. We do that by offering a sliding scale of $20-$40, you pay what you can afford on that scale (+$15 for initial visit).

Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado

Denver Location

570 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

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Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado

Golden Location

1224 Washington Ave., Suite #40
Golden, CO 80401
303-278- 0331

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Meeting Point Community Acupuncture in Denver & Golden Colorado

Community Acupuncture is acupuncture performed in a community setting, the way it has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Our clinic is modeled after Working Class Acupuncture, a community clinic in Portland, OR. At Meeting Point we have a beautiful semi-private community rooms with several massage tables and recliners. In this setting several people can receive treatments at the same time; this creates a healing energy (Qi) and allows us to keep the treatments affordable. We talk in low voices in the community room in order to respect privacy. 

Denver Hours

Mon:   9am – 6pm
Tues:  9am- 6pm
Wed:   10am-7pm
Thurs: 9am – 6pm
Fri:      9am – 6pm
Sat:     9am -1pm
Sun:    closed

Golden Hours

Mon:    9am – 6pm
Tues:   10am-7pm
Wed:    9am- 6pm
Thurs:  9am – 6pm
Fri:       9am -6pm
Sat:      9am -1pm
Sun:     closed

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Other Services Offered (Denver only):

Tuina Bodywork Therapy: Tuina (Twi-Nah) is similar to massage therapy, but incorporates the theories and observations of traditional Chinese medicine. It has a long history of use, having its roots begin even earlier than acupuncture! It is a very effective and enjoyable healing therapy for most injuries, pain, and stress. Learn More..

Heart Sound Recording & Nutrition: (1st appointment is a FREE gift from us to you!) In this Nutrition for the Heart Program, featuring the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR), our Applied Clinical Nutritionist and Acupuncturist, Jamie Holland, will perform HSR readings, and based on the findings suggest the highest quality whole food nutritional supplements and herbs to support a healthy heart. Follow up visits will continue to monitor and support your heart health and wellness! Learn More…

Shonishin for Children:
 is a non invasive, non insertion pediatric acupuncture which comes from the Japanese tradition of acupuncture. Shonishin can enhance circulation and relaxation, improving health in general, but is especially helpful with respiratory and digestive ailments of children. Learn More…

Meeting Point Community Acupuncture also offers Purification & Weight Loss Program21 Day Purification & Weight Loss Program: Would you like to improve your weight management, increase energy and vitality, improve digestion, have clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep, clearer thinking & optimal natural toxic load management? Our cleansing and detoxification program may be just what you are looking for!  Learn More…

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