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Whether it’s your first appointment or your are a pro – this is the best acupuncture place in Denver. Unique in design and set up communally, Meeting Point Acupuncture gives you the traditional experience while keeping the price low and affordable! Pay what you can between $20 – $40 – and get the relief you are searching for. The practitioners are kind, gentle and very knowledgeable. They have made a tremendously positive impact in my life through acupuntcure and chinese herbs!

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-Tara B

Serving as a teacher in public schools, I quickly realized my immune system could not fight on its own. I battled sickness after sickness and severe sinus infections for two years. As a last resort, I always ended up in the doctor’s office with the same prescription of antibiotics. I can honestly say that weekly acupuncture at Meeting Point has changed my life. By working to build my immune system, prevent sinus infections before they flare up, and by taking Chinese herbs, I can now fight off infections naturally. Jessica and Lisa are extremely knowledgeable practitioners who work to create a safe, caring, and healing space. For me, acupuncture has been beneficial both as preventative medicine and in struggling with acute symptoms. I am so grateful for everything you do!

-Stephanie H

Lisa and Jessica did what 18 months of workers compensation doctors couldn’t – they relieved my pain! They are caring, empathetic and very skilled at what they do.

I am very impressed with the service and atmosphere at Meeting Point. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for my first visit. The atmosphere was equally as relaxing as other acupuncture clinics I have visited and the service I received was great.

I plan to continue to visit Meeting Point when I need acupuncture treatments and I have recommended the center to friends and co-workers.

It was the beginning of another ski season, when I knew that my love for telemarking was going to provide great times in the mountains, epic powder days combined with a lot of ibuprofen to help alleviate the pain from a knee injury. I struggled with pain in my knee that started with a volleyball injury and stayed with me for more than 3 years. I went for massage treatments, tried to be more diligent with my yoga practice, I went to my primary care physician, I spoke to orthopedic doctors and each gave some great advice and options. I stretched and used a knee band to help in all of my sporting activities. Still the pain was very real and limited my performance and after really good fun and hard days of skiing I would find myself limping. I even had an orthopedic surgeon comment, “You have skied for 30 years what do you expect?” Thankfully, I was introduced to Meeting Point Acupuncture through a friend of mine who claimed that Jessica could work some magic on my knee. I was fortunate enough to see both Jessica and Lisa, and each had a different style to my treatment, but both helped me get rid of this pain that I suffered with for far too long. Their gentle nature and the atmosphere made me feel at ease and I knew that I was being well taken care of. I was definitely skeptical that the treatments were not going to work, however I was pleasantly surprised that I have no more pain in the knee. Something that I dealt with on a daily basis and held me back from the fun things I love to do was GONE thanks to those guys and acupuncture. I am a teacher and their fees fit into my budget very well. I made the commitment that I was going to need a series of treatments and this helped with my success. I highly recommend making an appointment to see what they can do for you. My biggest regret is that I dealt with my knee pain for 3 years when I could have found Meeting Point earlier and enjoyed those years pain free. Thank you so much!!!!

-Patrick M

I had never tried acupuncture before and was a little nervous, but Jessica put me right at ease with her calm, welcoming demeanor and sincere interest in my health and well-being during the initial consultation. Within 20 minutes of the needles going in, I felt an actual, physical wave of relaxation sweep over my body (she’d placed a needle in the top of my head for stress). Now I’m a huge fan of Meeting Point Acupuncture!

– Jen R

I have suffered from severe post nasal drip since I was a child. It was so bad, and so thick, that I would need to clear my throat every 10 or 15 seconds to get relief. This was not only irritating, but embarrassing (people would often offer me cough drops or ask if I had a cold). I tried two different Ear, Nose & Throat doctors, visiting each several times. After poking, prodding and xrays, the only suggestion I was offered was to try a saline nasal rinse. This was not only messy and inconvenient, but ineffective. I had basically given up and decided I would live with the issue forever, when a co-worker heard me talking about it and suggested I try acupuncture. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I made an appointment. I know it sounds cliche, but I noticed a difference after the very first visit. Continued treatment has reduced my throat clearing to a minimum and I can’t even explain how happy I am. I have been amazed at my results and am so thankful that I decided to give it a try.

– Kerry H.

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